Top 100 Things to Do

FB_IMG_1478435249587Sometimes we slip into bad habits. One moderate peanut butter m&m becomes one giant bag…a day. It is easier to slide down a hill than to hike up to the top. Gravity and atrophy work on us in equal measure. We must push back against the slide, brush off the gungus of resignation, and start again toward the life we endeavor.

Diets, financial freedom, friendships, and the act of living all call upon our derring do, our bravery. We attempt these climbs into fitness, debt-free-ness, pals, love, and life better in good company. We are social animals and it is easier to be brave in good company.

With this in mind – and because I mentioned needing to write my list of Top 100 Things to Do (rather than scroll through Amazon or social media) – here is my list of Top 100 Things I like to do. I will consult this list as needed. Maybe you’ll want to add to it in the comments. Anyhoo, it will help to have a living document to consult when imagination is low and weariness is high. Let’s have some fun.

Allie’s Top 100+ Things to Do (or enjoy) in No Particular Order

  1. Good company (this is always first up!)
  2. kayaking
  3. running
  4. swimming
  5. yoga
  6. walking/hiking
  7. museums
  8. coffee/wine/beer around a table with one or more people
  9. listening (especially as other people tell their stories)
  10. holding hands
  11. flying kites
  12. 20170101_155058bubble-making
  13. reading
  14. writing
  15. exploring
  16. photos
  17. learning
  18. origami
  19. reading to kids, Kids’ books are the best!
  20. smack-talking over K-Stateopoly, Uno, or Scrabble with my loves
  21. SNOW, making tracks, snowballs, snow forts, running in snow, sledding, walking to work in snow, the quiet of a very snowy morning
  22. SKIING
  23. Climbing mountains
  24. cheering people on
  25. getting things done
  26. meeting new friends
  27. writing letters and cards to send via snail mail
  28. bubble treewatching people create
  29. and having the chance to help
  30. plays/shows
  31. good music (looking at you Avett Brothers, Iz Kamakawiwoʻole, & Itzhak Perlman)
  32. kids & babies when they kick their feet and laugh
  33. trying not to laugh in church then losing it in fits of giggles with the slacker aisle
  34. learning languages, hearing new languages
  35. space, space flight, NASA, space camp, head space
  36. meditation (okay…so I want to like this)
  37. cute shoes and dressing up for a good reason
  38. favorite uniform: messy ponytail, chucks, jeans, t-shirt, black jacket, quirky jewelry
  39. adventuring with Magpie, Zach, Kenan, Katie, M3, Kitra, and folkses
  40. Dinner with Gil & Trish; dinner with the Queens, Dr. SpecialK and Kendall
  41. Where I work and with whom I work
  42. People (I love the people!)
  43. Chipotle’s guacamole & chips
  44. Happy Camper Merlot (cha-ching…inside jokes!)
  45. People who are no longer strangers
  46. Photography and Instagram
  47. Travel and then coming home
  48. 20160730_062604Gentle wind through fields which look like oceans of wheat
  49. snail mail
  50. serendipity
  51. forgiveness
  52. honesty, integrity (especially when sticking with the truth is uncomfortable and hard)
  53. chutzpah
  54. intelligent discussions, not agreeing, but still being civil and kind
  55. clementines, Fage Greek yogurt, raspberries
  56. good stories and storytelling
  57. the sun through my front windows
  58. party lights, glow-in-the-dark
  59. when people do hard things and realize their super powers!
  60. mountains. mountains. mountains.
  61. stationary goods
  62. fountain pens
  63. Favorite Magazines (guilty pleasures): Fast Company, Outside, Real Simple
  64. Finishing a book
  65. Audio books
  66. Actually hauling my recycling and not waiting for it
  67. Kenan’s laugh, compassion, and ever-growing wisdom
  68. Madi’s mad ceramic skills, perfect comic timing, and derring do
  69. the people in our lives (including Izzy who is almost “people”)
  70. manhappiness p-cardthe best friends a girl could ask for
  71. have you met my neighbors?
  72. plants, gardens, and Zen gardens
  73. authenticity
  74. seeing old friends again and feeling like it has only been moments since our last embrace
  75. creative driving
  76. Christmas cookie baking days with Sliz and Karen
  77. making homemade cinnamon rolls for the kids as they come home
  78. surprises of people showing up
  79. shiny things
  80. Legos
  81. journals waiting words and doodles
  82. green spaces and dining al fresco
  83. KONZA prairie
  84. Old VW bugs with luggage racks
  85. romance
  86. art
  87. people – including me – trying their best
  88. tenacity
  89. compassion
  90. goofiness
  91. mitty-quote-3-wideWalter Mitty, Waking Ned Divine, Spitfire Grill
  92. Tony’s Kickin Glass art and his awesome family
  93. Most of the kids’ and my teachers.
  95. black clothes with pops of pink otherwise blue, yellow, and green
  96. Whompusses: fuzzy pups and cats
  97. Language
  98. Quiet
  99. Lou’s backyard
  100. Dave Mayes’ crazy good better-than-chocolate salad & Katie Mayes’ cooking and baking (in and all of it)
  101. knocking out my list

Your turn. Add what you can or want.

This is my reminder to pursue what I like rather than waste time, heart, and resources on what will not or is unable to satisfy those longings we – I – have as part of being human.

Much love.