when i am unsettled

when i am unsettled everything is in lower caps. the locusts’ song that normally brings joy grates on my last ping-y nerve shame follows me around guilt you shoulda done this you shoulda been more grateful you’re a dork. and I must ask myself What is real? What is true? today the unsettling came. weather … More when i am unsettled

Finally rain.

We are at that time of year in bread-baking-oven Kansas when it is easy to wonder if the rain will ever come again. The dust kicks up Heat melts the pen and Burt’s Bees in the car console Windowbox blooms are crispy despite their daily drink It begins to feel a little like A Streetcar … More Finally rain.

10 hours of solitude

A full-on country music festival heated up Manhattan this weekend and marked my cue to leave. I drove to Tulsa for a quick visit with Magpie and Zach; a 4.5+ hour drive each way. I’d downloaded Dante’s Divine Comedy to keep me company, but one half-hour into the drive, I’d entered into my own third ring of hell and switched off … More 10 hours of solitude