Voyage of Discovery

Ohhh 2016. Bye Felicia. 2016 has not been a yippy skippy year for so many of us. Even if we ignore the plethora of untimely superstar deaths, it has been a tough year. Syria. Raft-borne refugees. Violence of every kind in every land. And though I’m not a big celebrity fan…David Bowie? Gene Wilder? John for-Pete’s-sake … More Voyage of Discovery

Yes to the Mess

Yes. Yes to “want to meet us at the park?” Yes to “want to join us for supper?” Yes to “I’ve got a fire and a beer. Come on over.” I’ve been saying yes lately to heaps of good things – easily identifiable ‘good things.’ Yesterday, I said yes to a few messy things: tears … More Yes to the Mess

A new season

Such a year. A graduation, wedding, explosion of activity and mission at work, a fella… This season has been a good one.  It has also had its skinned knees and gulps for air. In the warm November Sunday afternoon, I bustled about the deck choosing which plants to overwinter, which to hand off, and which … More A new season

Life in the whirlwind

My friend, Rainey, her two sparky man-tots, and one gentle giant Nana-dog just left the tiny house after a few days in Manhappiness. It was so much fun: noisy, squishy, toddlery, instructive, napping-full (all of us) – a sun-kissed adventure. It was also like a tornado parked inside the reading loft for a few days. Oh … More Life in the whirlwind