What we know now

When I was tiny, I believed a tinier band – music band – lived in the dashboard of our car. I was  amazed the tiny band who lived in our radio at home knew the same songs as the ones which played as we motored over the autobahn. I also believed fairies lived in the trees and … More What we know now

Moments of Quiet

The smoke and crash-booms have blown past these green Flint Hills. Bunnies have returned to the lot behind the Hobbit House. The birds have returned to their nests.  What was an unexpected, boisterous, rich-in-people-and-goofiness celebration weekend has returned to a quiet life. Saturday afternoon, both kids stood at my door and I cried. Such sweet surprises make … More Moments of Quiet

“So much good thing”

The wedding was this weekend. Family and pals gathered in the backyard of long-loved friends to celebrate. It was simple. Elegant. There were s’mores. Months of planning, minutes of switching gears, moments of panic and joy filled these short days. So many kindnesses. The dog with the very noble maw patiently waited for us to finally understand … More “So much good thing”