Oceanside walk to work

Bundled against the Kansas gusts in my puffy pink coat, professional scarf, and clicking blue suede boots, I hurried through the wind tunnel towards my office. Though I’d dressed for warmth, tendrils of arctic freeze invaded my cocoon. I strategically assessed the fastest route towards warmth as I raced on. Somehow I heard it. The ocean. Just to my right between … More Oceanside walk to work

Voyage of Discovery

Ohhh 2016. Bye Felicia. 2016 has not been a yippy skippy year for so many of us. Even if we ignore the plethora of untimely superstar deaths, it has been a tough year. Syria. Raft-borne refugees. Violence of every kind in every land. And though I’m not a big celebrity fan…David Bowie? Gene Wilder? John for-Pete’s-sake … More Voyage of Discovery