Young at heart

Failure and freedom: I wrote of this Monday – cheekily mentioning about not staying in heartbreak hotel. How prescient. Tuesday evening, I cried with the fella as we watched our hearts break in a good hard decision towards focusing on shoring up a family and a future. The grief – the weight of the loss – is real. … More Young at heart

Fine Art of Failure

These are trying times to be human. Each era tests our spirit. We want and work to live well-securely, love deeply, and serve with unflagging commitment. We rise and – if we have been fortunate to cultivate hope – we attempt growth and press on. Sometimes our attempts are near misses and sometimes they fail. Futures we imagine and work towards … More Fine Art of Failure

10 hours of solitude

A full-on country music festival heated up Manhattan this weekend and marked my cue to leave. I drove to Tulsa for a quick visit with Magpie and Zach; a 4.5+ hour drive each way. I’d downloaded Dante’s Divine Comedy to keep me company, but one half-hour into the drive, I’d entered into my own third ring of hell and switched off … More 10 hours of solitude

The Jumanji Effect

I haven’t had coffee since Sunday.  I have had Barnum and Bailey animal crackers, burpy diet coke, gallons of ginger tea, and a renewed appreciation for the cooling properties of tile floors. Since my allergy medicine was not given chance to kick in for a few days, a whomping bout of allergic rhinitis has joined the … More The Jumanji Effect

The road ahead

This has been a quiet three weeks since my last post. At least outwardly. Inside the canyons of my thoughts and heart have heaved great howls and fierce arguments; laughter and other sweetness has been too rare. I have not found a way to make sense of the cacophony or to make a neat and idiot-proof way … More The road ahead


We heard about the Paris attacks late Friday evening and the Beirut attacks Saturday afternoon. At one point, I recall thinking, “I don’t want to die. I don’t want the people I love…or even know to die like that.” Even though I know one day we are all going to go out in a blaze … More Unstained