Starting fires

I did not expect my word of the year, build, to set a fire. The plan was to: Build heart and head space. Build credibility. Build conversations that build community. Build something that lasts. As fortunate as I feel for this freshly built space in my heart and head, it has come at an infernal … More Starting fires

Just for today.

Yesterday, I stumbled from a cozy bed absent of sleep. Sleep-deprivation is not pretty. Thank goodness there was yoga to look forward to though my heavy tired heart was not having it – motivation and hope that is. I’d been wrestling for too long with life and feeling like I have been failing at “growth” … More Just for today.

The upside of pain

I never thought I’d think, say or infer something so trite-sounding and cruel as “the upside of pain.” But this morning while downward-dogging in yoga and then again in a crazy-tough bind, I thought of the upside of a recent season of bewilderment and anomie. Favorite memories moseyed into my thoughts as I stretched this … More The upside of pain

Thoughts from the quiet

I have been quiet. Listening. Watching. Thinking. Praying even…dear Universe, please stop sucking; people are lonely, kids need to be safe, let love grow…how can I help? And reading. Meditating though only in that meditation is cultivating outward quiet so inward quietness has a chance to take root. As far as the blogging life of … More Thoughts from the quiet

Starting Again: a travelogue to encourage people who are beginning again…again

I have long been up this morning in the quiet tiny apartment, this place of refuge where I landed after limping back to Kansas. #1 son generously called it the Hobbit House for its diminutive size and coziness. I’ll always be grateful for the sweetness of that name. The kids saw home where I saw … More Starting Again: a travelogue to encourage people who are beginning again…again


It begins today.  Each year of late, I’ve approached the new year with a word or idea to orient my thoughts and actions over the coming 365 days. Last year’s “Voyage of Discovery” proved on point: I began a graduate degree in January, new work in February, learned I was losing my vision last summer…then … More Build.