Each school day morning, I zoom past a young crossing guard as she helps keep kids and cars apart. Without fail, she waves. We don’t know one another. I doubt she knows many of the people she greets. She is kind. She does not discriminate between return-wavers or non-wavers. She waves. And smiles. It is … More Waves

Begin again.

Each day is a do-over. We get second chances every moment we are above ground. Some starts are exciting like a new friend or challenge faced. Other “begin agains” take the breath from us and we stagger forward on unsteady feet. This week, I began working for the K-State Foundation as a marketing manager. It … More Begin again.


Today is the day. Soon, my route to the office will take a few more twists and turns to the far end of Purpleville. I am excited. And at peace. Wrapping up the work here has been fairly anticlimactic; we’ve done a great job of organizing, hiring, trusting, exhibiting, documenting, training, and learning alongside one another. It … More Checklists

Own it to hone it

I am a fortunate fool. Mentors and students pop in to my office throughout the week. Their stories and laughter make the everyday ordinary come to life. The other day, a student stood nearby blinking and having deflected a sincere and hard-earned compliment by saying (again), “you haven’t met my sister!” Ummm. Nope. I was … More Own it to hone it

A return to kindness

This is not a political post.  Still with me? Kids do it. Jayhawks do it. Republicans and Democrats do it. They choose to be kind. Each day people we like or may not appreciate at all choose kindness in the face of opposition gossip hatemongering sabotage fear and exhaustion. Kindness is a reasonable schtick to … More A return to kindness

A Terrible Wildness

I love the mountains…almost as much as I love the tallgrass prairie and Kansas’ Konza Prairie. Lush and green. Trees; I’m a big fan. But since Sunday morning coffee, all I can think of is desert and “terrible wildness.” Sunday morning, M3 and I skidded our way to coffee as we realized all the church services had … More A Terrible Wildness

Oceanside walk to work

Bundled against the Kansas gusts in my puffy pink coat, professional scarf, and clicking blue suede boots, I hurried through the wind tunnel towards my office. Though I’d dressed for warmth, tendrils of arctic freeze invaded my cocoon. I strategically assessed the fastest route towards warmth as I raced on. Somehow I heard it. The ocean. Just to my right between … More Oceanside walk to work

Merry & Bright

It’s a new year. Whatever last year was (or yesterday even), is gone. Conditions may appear the same as before, news may sound as if it is on repeat, and joys may bob about their ebb and flow. But thanks to Time’s forward shuffling, today is new. New year. New day. New derring do. Phew.   Last … More Merry & Bright