Goat story

It’s raining here. Gobs of rain. Rain has cancelled my leaping from an airplane, this morning’s run, a trip to the farmers’ market, an adventure in Kansas City, and any desire I had to get out of my toasty lined yoga tights…to go to yoga. On top of the wet-blanket effect of the rain, I and … More Goat story

Going nuts at 50 years

Today, I learned it takes 50 years for an oak tree to produce its first acorns. 50 years. I still have time to go a little nuts then. In a culture preoccupied by what’s hip and new…I am approaching the age where “new” and “hip” take on medically-informed rather than fashionably-derived meanings. And I’m okay with that. … More Going nuts at 50 years

Happy Camper

A few years ago, friends presented me with a maroon “Happy Camper” t-shirt which I wore to run, in races, and out exploring. I loved it. It was my reminder to live as a happy camper might with joy, curiosity, expectation, and play. At the time, my days had little room for play. So much got squished into … More Happy Camper


Each school day morning, I zoom past a young crossing guard as she helps keep kids and cars apart. Without fail, she waves. We don’t know one another. I doubt she knows many of the people she greets. She is kind. She does not discriminate between return-wavers or non-wavers. She waves. And smiles. It is … More Waves

Begin again.

Each day is a do-over. We get second chances every moment we are above ground. Some starts are exciting like a new friend or challenge faced. Other “begin agains” take the breath from us and we stagger forward on unsteady feet. This week, I began working for the K-State Foundation as a marketing manager. It … More Begin again.