Leaving Lamentations


This new blog, Everyday DerringDo, this new endeavor is my stake-in-the-ground; a declaration of living. For over a year, I wrote a blog called, “Searching for the North Star” later called “Signs of Life.” Before that, I contributed to Wrecked, and for blogs associated with various organizations I served.

Searching for the North Star was the first published writing I’d created for me – only. It was a Lament, a weeping and grieving of faith and hope lost and sacred trust betrayed.

My goal was to “write myself healthy” following a severe scouring of my soul.

And then one day, I realized I no longer wanted to be connected to Lamentations – the wail of sorrow that had echoed – howled – through night and day and into dreams.

No longer a survivor of rape. No longer bound to that Hell-eternity.
Now living bravely in whatever strength, op-too-much-ism, and cheeky humor I can muster.

The old blog is a book I closed with the rage and anger and wearying of a long festering wound bound inside.

I bet you have your wounds, too.

Do you want to leave the brokenness on the curb?
Do you dream of the days of peacefulness?

Yep. It takes work. And decision.
Sometimes – often – it takes courage to counsel, tears, night trembling, and plowing through days when the cure hurts more than the sink of despair.

You can do it. We can do it.
(It’s a better trip traveled together.)

Derring-do means “bravery.”

And you’re living it, Everyday DerringDo.

Carry on.

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