You have 1 job. Don’t shirk it.

Please vote.Just vote.It’s democracy’s lowest-hanging fruit.It’s our ticket to celebrate, grouse or even wave the flag.Anything less is dereliction of duty.And yes, I believe that. “We’re America; we’re good at this.” Want to watch this free non-partisan performance to benefit the non-partisan When We All Vote? “Here it is. Only costs you an email address.” … More You have 1 job. Don’t shirk it.

Long-term gains

Izzy and I moseyed by the bungalow where the kids grew up, today. It’s for sale and empty so I looked in the backyard and found this nostalgic nugget. Cue the heartsquench of missing them and their families. One thing I noticed that gives me real pride-gratitude: All of the trees and bushes I planted … More Long-term gains

Learning to listen.

This weekend my COVID social bubble peeps and I sat six feet apart, yet still close enough to feel cozy. We talked, dreamed a bit, laughed, ate and watched the kids experience freedom + incendiary devices. The conversation was so delicious that we forgot about eating until I saw Chuck, the pup, standing at the … More Learning to listen.

On the stoop

To pack or not to pack? Izzy and I are on the stoop listening to the rain. This unknown-how-long game delay on the house closing (lender lag) and then learning there is no buy-out clause on a lease I signed in December (or lose the apt.) that won’t start until July 28, 2020, has me … More On the stoop