Haunted house or magic tunnel?

Magic Tunnel

This year has been like going through a terror tunnel in the dark – couched in four years of a wealthy white pussy-grabbing cruel gaslighting buffoon being protected and promoted to president while unabashedly stirring hatred and violence like in “the good old days,” which is a storyline many of us have long been all too familiar with. And it has been extra-terrifying to many rape and abuse survivors and strong people who were taught too young to consume fear and violence for breakfast. But this morning, I reflected on the many things I’ve been forced to learn and add to my toolbox like the reality of emotional flashbacks and how growing in a terror-filled environment can create an expectation of even emotional perfectionism among other isolating survival techniques.

It’s extra exhausting these days.

Here’s the GREAT part – systemic shittiness, communities colluding with cruelty and the complicity of weak people who don’t want to lose their little patch of heaven have been revealed. You can’t put that toothpaste back into the tube. So instead of the haunted tunnel of grabbing ghouls that keep us small, this year is becoming a magic tunnel where we pick up the truths and pieces of ourselves so long discarded or hidden by misappropriated shame. We are coming home to ourselves. And we #Vote. #Compassion #Community #CivilDiscourse #MagicTunnel #Shame

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