On the stoop

To pack or not to pack? Izzy and I are on the stoop listening to the rain. This unknown-how-long game delay on the house closing (lender lag) and then learning there is no buy-out clause on a lease I signed in December (or lose the apt.) that won’t start until July 28, 2020, has me stooped. I might be on the hook for a year of rent. Because we’re in a college town, these predatory practices are adopted even by decent property managers. And all of the waiting. And yet, I’m healthy with terrific kids, family and friends. Employed. No additional “boot on my neck due to the color of my skin.” As a woman who has rebuilt after great loss, I am grateful … and still a little freaked out. And I was able to see my sister, Mimi, today.

Let the rain fall. I can do a little more. And then more.

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