What I do and don’t know

I am working – a privileged position. Bathed, clothed and healthy. Trying to buy a tiny home. All very privileged positions. My heart is breaking.

My daughter and son grew up to launch well without the added drag of race or poverty to slow their growth. Yes, we struggled financially as we became three instead of four – and we grieved. But we were not tied to an additional dead weight of racial suspicion and adverse assumptions of ability, worthiness and “fit” based on our melatonin. 

We are still growing and our views do not always align … but we had the chance to grow up and still grow – aided by our skin color.

I do not know the first-hand pain of racial injustice like I don’t personally know the physical pain of COVID, but I trust the voices of those with expertise and experience. And I add compassion and awareness to my discernment.

And I will listen. And act though I am shaking in my bunny slippers.

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