Put a light on it

20200330_0730311913775157333316799.jpgRemember Portlandia? Portlandia is Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s cheeky comedy series centered around the people of Portland, Oregon; the people you’d expect to meet in that great northwest brew town that embraces its quirkyness. Thanks to my friend, Johanna, I first encountered Portlandia through their, Put a Bird On It sketch where “put on a bird on it” became the easy solution to any decorating blahness. I don’t know about you, but I have encountered some serious blahness. Anxiety. Bewilderment. Blah. There is no easy solution, but we do have options.

Instead of a bird, I’m putting lights on things like my heavy wooden door that sits in my home office. Late Saturday night, I moved the furniture around so it felt less like a supply closet with hastily thrown together office files and more like a place to work and think and listen to Izzy chew on her toys.

Full disclosure: I usually have party lights in my home. Now, I am adding a few more. For me, they are encouraging, warm, welcoming and adding a bit of “new” to the small space I call now home/office/yoga studio.

The lights are a little thing that brings more lift than the cost of putting them up.

Tonight after work, I’ll add the last string I could find – a multi-colored string. I thought about going out to get more white lights, but I am guessing they are not what the Governor would call “essential” – not a good reason to go to Target or ask UPS to deliver to the Hobbit House.

What are you doing to give lift, offer life to yourself and your people? 

A few ideas observed among friends:

  • baking
  • reading (I’m having a hard time with reading right now)
  • biking
  • sorting their home stuffs to move
  • working in the yard
  • delivering bags of “love and wonder”
  • slowing down
  • hibernating
  • exploring hobbies
  • exploring their town
  • dreaming/strategizing their next chapter of work and life
  • sitting outside and hollering over the fence at the neighbors
  • Netflix and chill

I did order an extension grabber-thing so that I can pick up the trash on our walks without getting the willies about “where that thing has been.” This is not a COVID-19 thing, it’s an Allie-thing. I’ve wanted one since I saw a video of paddlers in England who clean up the waterways while kayaking. Now, my avid paddler friend has one and is found cleaning up Kansas’ waterways with her extendo-reacher-picker-upper-thing.

Anyhoo, this has become another nudge to get outside when laying on the couch playing the Scrabble app offline feels like the only choice.

It’s Monday morning. How are you?


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