i see you, blue sky


so much is happening.
with an unceasing and only increasing hurricane of information and misinformation, it is easy to feel underwhelmed with the state of the species and overwhelmed with plastic trashlands floating in the ocean, shots fired, kids abandoned and the sorry state of the gold calf that is economy.

i felt this acutely recently until i had the opportunity to step out of the daily machinations and into a few adventures. a friend too long not seen, a week-long conference followed by a quick trip to help kids pack and move during an incredibly busy time for my colleagues, and the sound – the visual made by sound – of a tiny heartbeat tucked under the heart of my daughter-in-love.

these moments of moving-from-the-daily-routine were like catching a glimpse of blue sky during a long muggy buggy monsoon season.

add time with friends, giggling in yoga and it being okay, early morning coffee on the porch, learning, meeting people along busy Boston sidewalks, listening to famous-y ones be their authentic goofy selves before 26,000 people, folks i respect drawing closer to their wedding date … the unexpected stories of strangers.

I have been refreshed.
Refreshed while the rain still swirls about
and the work still needs to be done
and the budget restarted
and the missing of the kids
and wondering
and unknowns.

this glimpse of blue sky is no small thing.
nor is it the work of superhero effort.
And it is so effective in refreshing
illuminating perspective
whispering hope
setting fears aflame so the embers light up the thundering sky.

it is easy to discount our need for wonder
and freshness of experience
to wallow in the fear of missing out because we’re here when the cool kids are there.

but try it.
try to connect with your own moments of blue sky.

you may share the thrill of dusty books
cranky cats
climbing fences
and walking the pup in the quieter places.
voices whispering story or bellowing silliness.
a hand on hair
a grin.

your blue sky may be holding your breath to help the Chiefs win
while wearing the jersey you’ll never wash
in good company
at the same spot
to garner the same good juju
so the game goes your way.

your blue sky may be zooming cars hurtling across the track
or gilt doors swinging open and all. the. stuff. waiting. to. be. yours.
or snake wrestling
or meetings.

These may be your places of wonder.
go to them.
revisit the places and people that refresh your purpose.
your good heart.
enliven your spirit.

reclaiming your blue sky
does not demand
you ignore the soaking and zapping from the clouds above.
nor does it require scads of money, time or talent.

reclaiming your blue sky is a form of taking care of yourself
and putting on your oxygen mask first.

it restores hope
refreshes spirit
may even connect you to others
or allow rest
or sabbatical
so you can return to your everyday ordinary life
the business of living.

i see you, blue sky,
you people of hope
faltering at times
who keep waking up, shaving, getting ready for the things you do to pay rent

i see you, blue sky,
when your spirit is larger and more free
than your circumstances
a little worn here and there
and still magnificent.

i see you blue sky.
i see you.
and you give me the courage to try something new and scary
to keep going
to say I’m sorry
or no thank you.

i see you blue sky
i am so grateful for the momentary break in the rain
and the reminder of blue sky just beyond the clouds.
the clouds that will part

don’t lose hope

we can share our blue sky moments.

What are your blue skies?

This is a link to a video of blue sky above a blustery day. I took it on an airplane recently and it includes a circular rainbow.

(If you are curious and the link isn’t working, the video is on my instagram account which you can access by clicking one of the photos to the right.)

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