Questions I’m asking

20190323_1023483107289410420002970.jpgI’ve been quiet lately. Not so much listening to some inner voice or pacing the halls in worry. Just quiet.

Paying attention.
Tending to my life.
Walking the giant pup. 

As Izzy and I sit on my front stoop in the mornings after a walk about town, I find a quieting clarity in my coffee, borrowed pup, thoughts and questions I’m asking myself.

No plethora of answers yet, but I’m in no hurry.

What if nothing changes; where will I find my happiness? And it’s twin, What if everything changes; where will I find my happiness?
My guess is I’ll find it where it always belonged. Within myself. 

I often think about Holocaust survivors, people who have encountered illnesses or who were born with challenges. Many have found their places of peace.

What do I want to do? What goals do I want to strive toward?
Right now, Magpie and Zach will be flying home for a few weeks. That’s goal enough. Also, I have a plan to purchase a replacement for the Sweet Vibe. Before July 4. Nissan Rogue? Honda CRV? Chevy Equinox? 

Will my whitewater kayak fit inside the car (minimizes risk that it will fly off and into traffic). What’s the best used vehicle I can get for my lifestyle and granola-crunchy adventuresome ways? Will the giant pup be comfortable on our car rides?

I’ve stumbled into a few thoughts in response to the questions I’m asking:
Treat myself the way I treat others. I know I am worth it.
Encourage. Equip. Extend grace. Engage.
Dis-engage and be quiet for a while.

And keep walking the pup. That offers adventure and wonder enough.

What questions are you asking these days?


2 thoughts on “Questions I’m asking

  1. As joe and I plan to move 70 miles South of the only place I’ve called home since I was 6 years old, I am asking myself lots of questions…will I like my new home town? Will I make friends easily or quickly? Where will I go for fellowship, yoga, and groceries? Will my children, family, and friends visit or is it too far?


    1. You get to find out answers to all those questions and navigate a life with added adventure! So excited for you. Keep a journal. Start a blog. I’d love to read it, Ginger.


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