Jammie day … adult version

20190323_1023483107289410420002970.jpgI had big plans. 
Famous last words.

This weekend was going to launch with coffee and yoga and move into frenetic catching up with work, personal paperwork and home tidying, a restart to my running and heaps of to-dos. Somewhere between last night’s catching up with the peeps and this morning’s shuffle to the coffee pot, a sniffly cold made its home in my head. I am becoming big friends with my Kleenex box.

Perhaps because I’ve been solo so long, I too quickly felt annoyed by the needed change of plans to my Saturday. Fortunately, I was reminded that I have an opportunity in these changed plans – a Jammie Day – adult version. Hot dog!

When the kids were tiny, their dad and I would sometimes call it quits to working for the day and declare a “Jammie Day.” Magpie and Kenan would stay in their footie pajamas and we would stay in our sweatshirts and shuffle-around clothes. He would play video games with the kids, I’d read with them and color; we might make homemade bread or a pizza, and the day would meander on its own. We’d follow. Rest easy and all that good stuff.

Jammie Days were some of my best days. We continued the tradition as the then three of us grew out of our footie pajamas and biggest decisions of whether to use crayons or magic markers and should we add stickers to our masterpieces (always a yes!)?

So today, I’m bringing Jammie Day back. Not to be confused with Justin Timberlake’s bringing sexy back. Definitely not the same thing.

My hair is in a ponytail. My sweatshirt is purple. My toes are painted a shocking pink.
I have my aspirational to-do list with me in bed and under a growing pile of books.
Both Izzy and I will need to airing out regardless of how many Kleenexes I cart around.
Pho is on the menu. Delivered or pick-up is the biggest decision I have today.

Hopefully, tomorrow will bid adieu to the sniffling, sneezing and bleary-headedness.

And I have wondered several times in the past hour or two, “why do I wait on a head cold to call an audible on my plans?” To declare a Jammie Day of meandering rest?

It has been a long winter and work+life has been running me at mach 10 with my hair on fire. I need the day of doing little. I may even need to ferret out a few crayons, stickers and magic markers.

I can’t feel lonely either. I have Izzy consuming 2/3rds of my bed, the ready memory of optimistic summer beers on the Rockabelly patio, and my own thoughts – which make for imperfect, but entertaining company.

If you are feeling the need for a pause, don’t wait for your body to rebel … revolt and demand rest. Decide that for yourself. 

Call out for delivery. Curl up with your favorite people or books or movies or video games or art bits. And create a day for you – to refresh and restore what busyness and responsible adulthood too often co-optates of your peace-of-mind and energy.

You get to choose your Jammie Day. It’s part of the adventure.

And stickers are not mandatory.


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