Adventure and Wonder


I’ve been wondering about wonder.
And this blog. And any folks reading it.
Thank you. You have adventured with me as I unshackle, shake off and untether myself from a story no one really wants.

It’s time for a story shift in my wayfaring life.
Background: A new friend recently asked why I have been so transparent with my story of rape, abuse, bewilderment and fear – a story I have never wanted to tell. The revelation could easily have cost me friends, family, job opportunities, heart introductions and more. It might have.

The story includes darkness that is so…too commonplace among us. Too many people stay shamed into a silence that threatens to make them small or hard or keep them ever-broken.

I hoped my imperfect story of belly-crawling out of the abyss might be helpful. An encouragement. Sometimes a “do this, not that.”

Truth is, I have pulled up on the rim of the abyss and rolled onto the soft ground beside it. It can be done – something that surprises me still. It’s time for a new story.

I’ve thought about this in the Colorado mountains, on my yoga mat, in the yodeling places and along rainy routes to Kentucky and back. I know one thing for sure.

I know that this process of falling and getting back up; meetings and partings is made bearable and sometimes exquisite because of wonder.

A wonder of loving people in my life who help me mop up my coffee and who visit me when I’m home with the plague. Who are family by blood and by love – friendship of all kinds – who let me know and love them, snort when I laugh without chastising, and who I can call out to if my grip on hope grows cold. They know me, my strength and my trembling.

These people are my favorite and most unexpected adventures.
After all of these years, I am still in wonder of them. Us. Our framilyness.

It is the wonder of the small things of iridescent bugs discovered, the breeze on my face when I’m finished with a run, the song that stirs me to sing in the car and the just so-ness of frozen bubbles on the Hobbit House steps.

The big vistas. They are wonders, too. Mountains climbed, rivers that gurgle and rush, seas of big bluestem swaying over the Konza Prairie. They take my breath away and nudge me with their “remember to be grateful” music woven in the wind.

The sweetness of a first kiss, hands held, babies rocked for days it seems. The Milky Way and the sun at play in my Hobbity rooms. These – and so much more – are the wonders that have brought me back to life…and will bring me back again.

Loss and disappointment.
Crazy-good days.
An embarrassment of riches among friends.
New wine tasted…inhaled as the sommelier suggests with mouth open to catch the fullness of it.


So it is in this spirit I will move forward with the everyday derring do blog.
Offering stories that encourage and an invitation to “take my hand.”
My tears mingled with yours.

Tears of joy.
And so much more.

You are welcome – INVITED – to accompany me on this adventure of wonder. I have a plan to explore.

Adventure and wonder.

I hope you will join the conversation. Send me your ideas. Your questions. Complaints. Recommendations and requests. Seriously.

Let’s keep walking this thing out together. It’s more fun that way in this life of adventure and wonder.

L’Chaim. To life.

A little music to start us on our way, The Book of Love by 2Cellos.

3 thoughts on “Adventure and Wonder

  1. Sounds like a good pivot for this blog, Allie. Even as you have shared the darkest parts of your journey, your natural affinity for all things adventurous and wondrous has not been obscured.

    Thanks for inviting us along and for shining a light on a path that we all hope to go on.


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