people of good will

received_310698392842895.jpeg2018. So long and thanks for the fish.

Some years drop you to your knees and this was not one of them. This was a year with adventure and good company – people of good will and wonder.

2018 has also included hard places and yet-resolved bits. As a year, it has done its work to move us from smallness to growth – if we’ve been willing. And sometimes it is hard to be willing to trust, love and grow. Oy.

I am willing – even though I am still stumped about a few things.

Last year’s “build” proved an important north star. With it, I learned to create needed space and quiet. I am still learning that it is good to have both a plan and intention and a willingness to be flexible and teachable.

Besides the kayaking and Colorado trip and fireworks and framily, this has been a year of intentionally getting to know people with whom I don’t easily agree. This is a good plan for every year, but civil discourse and community are more needed today than in recent memory.

The stakes are higher. Lines of unnecessary division have become grand canyons between us.

As we look across the last season of decisions and being human and forward in hopes to what the new year will bring, we reveal ourselves. Even niftier, when we look to the left and right, we are likely to recognize something familiar in each of the people we see. Something familiar.

Familiar looks, values, affiliations…hopes in others.

These people are our people. These strangers on a train want to belong, too. The new guy in the cubicle to the left wants to do his best – just like you.

We may not share much in common, but we do probably share something. Something to value in all of our differences. Something to learn from one another. Something to offer – even if it is a smile and looking the new kid in the eye.

We can be people of good will and still root for the other team.

In this new year of “Illuminate,” I hope to be a person of good will among people of good will – imperfect and open-hearted despite the differences.

I haven’t quite figured out what it will mean to Illuminate 2019…yet.

Perhaps, it is to illuminate the people of good will who build community. Or to light up the dark places – the unnecessary hesitancies – and find away to abandon them. Or to reflect back to people their own shine.

I don’t yet know, but I will.

In the meantime, Happy New Year. My hope is your days and your year will be one of life and joy and goofiness and making it through the adventure race of 2019.

What are your hopes for 209?

Love Loss Hope Repeat

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