the shiny people


It is dreary outside today so the people who shine from within stand out.

Like the stranger who waved as he turned in front of the Sweet Vibe while I ran an errand. We don’t know one another, but his kindness activated a bit of light in a day where overcast would be a step up.

Or the two people who — in very different businesses — were funny and kind as I paid bills. Sunny. Made all of the difference.

Some people are like the sun that finally shines over Hamburg or Dublin and warms the waterfront towns.

Others twinkle…gleam…flash…sparkle like stars and the Milky Way — in ribbons and bunches and millions of tiny-seeming points because we are so far off from seeing their true powerful nature.

And then some make music of lightness-in-being in laughter, good company, quiet walks and yoga and running our recycling to the bins.

Thank you to the folks who warm us up by sitting close or tucking us in blankets as they fly by in their looping orbit.

“Check the oil” people and “Watch for deer” people.

The I-don’t-have-an-answer-but-I-love-you-and-see-your-worth-even-if-you-don’t-yet people.

Coffee. A wine or two. Checking in. Singing sweetly. Saying yes or no. I’m sorry. I like you. I’m listening. These people shine.

Thank you to these shiny people.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I see you.


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