51 Things.


I am one year closer to the rainbow bridge…and though I’m no pup, the idea of crossing light as I eventually leave this life sounds rather fetching.

In the meantime, I will live. Live well. Live boldly and full of laughter sprinkled with snortling and freckles and a collection of broken sea glass regrets and fears – softened and made light bearers by wind, surf and swell. In 50-plus-one-day years, I’ve learned a few thinks…things and offer them here for memory.

  1. That squeak might be your underwire.
  2. Be kind. (don’t be an ass if you can.)
  3. Listen. There is more to learn in listening than pontificating. Trust me.
  4. Brevity is clarity.
  5. Get outside and play.
  6. Life is short; make it wide.
  7. As often as possible, buy lemonade from the kids in the neighborhood.
  8. Make friends with the cranky people.
  9. Read books that challenge you.
  10. Leave your phone at home sometimes.
  11. Read for fun. Comics, the funny papers, Fannie Flagg.
  12. Learn to disagree with folks civilly. Work for peace and solutions.
  13. Life is short; don’t be lazy. (Thanks Life is Good.)
  14. Decide what is worth working for. Do that.
  15. There is no silver bullet (good news for werewolves.)
  16. Life is the long game. Live as such.
  17. Shortcuts are like GPS…reliability should be questioned.
  18. Wonder is greater currency in the universe than force and power.
  19. Don’t confuse power with influence.
  20. The Avett Brothers.
  21. Write thank you notes. Everybody likes mail that is not bill-related.
  22. Say please and thank you.
  23. Do not be fooled by commonplace appearances.
  24. Schedule time to be quiet and alone. Solitude is restorative.
  25. Learn the practice of sincere apology.
  26. If you are going to complain, be sure you have solutions in hand you are willing to work toward.
  27. Instead of complaining, join the people getting the work done.
  28. Armchair quarterbacks who have never played the game tend to yell the loudest.
  29. Even the worst enemies can become the best of friends.
  30. Changing your perspective may not change your mind, but it may make you less of an ass.
  31. Follow-through is more valuable than untested brilliance.
  32. Share your pumpkin bread.
  33. Make a point to see the stars away from the shine of city lights. Bring people with you.
  34. Pay attention to the little things: little kids, little ideas and little wonders. Life can be built and destroyed on little things (or life is like wal-mart, the little things add up).
  35. Take a walk. In every season.
  36. Refrain from demanding your way. Find a common ground if you can.
  37. Only demand what you are willing to do; or demand of yourself first.
  38. Families, communities, friends, nations are not football teams; one team does not win while the other loses over time. If we cannot work together, we all lose.
  39. Do you like it when dogs poop in your yard or someone tosses litter on your lawn? Then stop allowing your pup to poop indiscriminately. Learn to carry poop bags and trash bags. Your neighbors don’t like sliding into home on a gooey brown streak any more than you do.
  40. Do what scares you and as you learn, invite people to learn with you.
  41. What you gossip and gripe about says more about you than anyone else.
  42. Attempts at perfection have divided as many friends and families as indifference.
  43. If you want something, work for it. This is not the lunch line. No one is going to fill your plate (for long.)
  44. Exercising your mind and your muscles makes you flexible…just like when you exercise your heart.
  45. Invite people into your home for dinner-new people. Stretch yourselves.
  46. Learn to cook for yourself and for others. You’ll save money, stress and build relationships.
  47. We all have our hiding places. Be kind. Don’t judge. Your hiding places will be exposed some day and you will not be able to control the flow of information and assumption. Be kind. Don’t judge.
  48. Write letters. Mail them. (Addendum: always keep stamps on hand.)
  49. Ask for help when you need it. Most people want to see you succeed and are willing/happy to help.
  50. If you don’t know what to do, do the next thing.
  51. Each great success happened over time with starts and stops and failures and flops and restarts and hope and faith and often – tears. Real life requires us to show up and attempt what scares us. And then show up again. We can do this. Especially in good company.
  52. Bonus: Yes. I have opinions. And I am still learning to pay attention, listen and offer a thought rather than demand an audience. Still trying to improve my listen rate.

Thank you for reading and learning with me.

What are some of your favorite thoughts?

Enjoy “Fly on” by Humming House. (go ahead. click the link)

2 thoughts on “51 Things.

  1. I love to take a walk and try to count the different shades of green in nature. There are so many! I typically stop counting and just observe in awe. Green is my favorite color 💚

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