Traveling the wind

Amtrak California Zephyr
Amtrak’s California Zephyr in Glenwood Springs, photo by Loco Steve, Flickr & Creative Commons

I did it.

I made a few reservations, bought a ticket and have the beginnings of a plan to ride the wind…or at least Amtrak’s California Zephyr sometime this summer. After 30 years of hearing about and dreaming about a slow traverse across the continental divide* on the California Zephyr, I’m going to do it!


This winter, I realized that my kids are doing great – our family is imperfect and healthy and growing. We have worked hard to get to this place and we have sacrificed. Now, it is time to live with the confidence of a life lived well. It’s time.

  • It is time for me to stop thinking like a single mum and start thinking like the adventurer I have been in the past when hitch-hiking across the U.S. and parts of Europe; skiing off of (short) cliffs, climbing without belay and following a dream or two away from my comfort zone.
  • It’s time to invest in those dreams and life goals regardless of my relationship status.
  • It’s so time to invest as much in the adventure I am living today as I’ve gladly invested in others.
  • It’s time to go where I want to go and to spend a little of my savings on me. (Even typing this has me breaking out into a sweat. Yes. Sweat.)

Where we are now

A thought has been showing up on my doorstep lately. I finally invited it in for a chat and a listen.

“That which costs me nothing…”

In relationships of every kind — love, family, work, community, strangers on a train — we too often wish to skimp and work the system to extract more benefit than we put in. We love a bargain. Cheap at twice the price.

But real love does not come cheaply. Real love – real life – requires great risk, expense of time, imagination and more. Cooperation. Forgiveness. Endurance. Perseverance.

I do not wish to live on the bargain rack. A little outlay for a vacation and a little risk is worth the adventure of living and did I mention the California Zephyr?

So living is what I will be doing.

Speaking up, listening intently, trying new things, encouraging and speaking life when I can, failing spectacularly and trying again. You’ll find me asking for help and all that good important stuff of living well in community…in my own soul.

And now I have a ticket to ride the wind, explore Amtrak travel and the mountains; sleep in a quirky Victorian AirBnB and travel a bit.

Wish me well if you can. I will be wishing you well, too, while watching the prairie scenery flow into Colorado peaks and beyond.

The adventure of living is worth the risk, my – our – investment.

If this is a novel idea for you, I’d love to hear what you have long wanted to do, but keep putting it off. What adventure does your heart long for? Perhaps we can cheer one another on as we take that next step and then another.

Derring do and all that, friends.

And while we are riding the wind, we’ll let Hank Williams sing us home, California Zephyr.

*Did you ever see John Belushi in Continental Divide?

5 thoughts on “Traveling the wind

  1. You take the most amazing photographs; I can’t wait to see what you discover 💕. I wish you a safe journey and enjoy!


  2. I hope your experience is glorious!

    My partner Susan and I are headed to Colorado Springs in a couple of weeks to visit my brother, whom I have not seen in 25 years! I am so excited! We’re not doing anything as exciting as the California Zephyr (just a Toyota C-HR), but it will be our first vacation in five years, and I know the two of them will get along splendidly.

    Thank you for your writing; it lifts me up. All the best from Arkansas from this old Kansas girl! ♡


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