All I want for Christmas

IMG_-np9r41.jpgAs Izzy and I tromped through the mist of a quieter Manhattan, Mariah Carey’s voice jingled in my thoughts, “All I want for Christmas…” And it got me thinking. What do I really want when people are hungry, lonely and weary – worried about their family’s future? Thanks to Izzy and her dash for a bunny, I was jolted from my wondering and now know. I want the same thing I want for Izzy that I wanted as a scrawny buck-toothed towhead: I want love. I want to play outside. I want safety and encouragement. I want to be seen, known and loved. I want to love with courage and confidence.

I want the same for you and for Izzy.

And for the GOP and the people who elected them and those of us who have been brought to our knees by a cavalier disregard for public service over self-service.

And for my neighbors who jam at 11 p.m. warm Sunday nights.

For the one who broke my heart, a picture of us and a love letter dribbled from a cabinet I was cleaning out last night.

Those people who were so self-serving and destroying when we were so young and vulnerable?
I wish for justice, a chance to say how your pillaging and blind eye damn near destroyed us for decades. To be heard without deflection, defensiveness or blaming me – us – for their criminal decisions made as adults. And then I wish for them love, to play outside, safety and encouragement. I want them to be seen, known and loved. I want them to love with courage and confidence. From a distance most likely.

To the hungry in the heat of faraway places, the broken in the places of healing, the wealthy and the poor: I wish for you what you need this season – this year…this life. And that the folks near and faraway will not judge your wealth or poverty, but pitch in to help where needed until one day you can join in the helping.

I wish we – as a species and regardless of religious fervor or its absence – I wish we would know a mutually cultivated peace and well-being. Safe travels. Invitations which draw (or yank) us from our comfort zones and toward better community and peace within.

That’s all I want for Christmas: peace on earth, good will towards all and a chance to put a young earth to rights.

From Izzy and I, Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Blessings and peace to you no matter your preferred greeting.

Bonus: Though my heart has not returned to “the fold,” this song was a gift from a friend last year when she helped me walk through ancient fears and injury. It is the ringtone of my favorite Nebraskan.

I will find a way, by Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn.


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