Finding what your soul really needs

shandi kanoToday is September 11.

Truly, a day to live in infamy.
When cowards breached the borders.
People lost…everything.

America was yanked into a global experience where terrorism is not something that happens “over there.”

After Oklahoma City reeled from one of our own – our native sons’ – betrayal, we thought we were done with harm and terror of such a magnitude.

Then 9/11 happened. 

“America’s heart is open widest where it has been most broken.”
I heard a news commentator say this following the terrible day the towers fell
with our innocence and assumptions.

And then the day the Boston Marathon was breached…by citizens, neighbors, schoolmates, friends…my own life had just crumbled by revelations more explosive
and unanticipated than I thought possible.

Everything I knew to be in a new life was Destroyed.
That day – on the advice of a caring friend – I snuck out among the humans
and got a manicure from one of Houston’s best.

Sitting quietly – huddled in the corner of the shop
freshly afraid
and hiding
I asked someone to make something pretty again in my life – my fingernails of all things.
And the telly was on.
The Boston marathon.

I cried to witness people run in to the finish
after so many miles crossed from beginning to end
to celebrate.
Those were familiar feelings of hard work and a finish line accomplished.

Families and friends
and then
an explosion
that rocked our worlds again.

Every damn day since,
I’ve wondered what my job is
what my life is worth
what am I to do
how am I to live to make this place better
for strangers
and friends.

Today, I listened then watched this video of an elite runner who crossed a Boston finish line, distraught, unravelled
and then the explosion happens.
Eventually, she left a lucrative career among the largest sports network in the world
to find a life – her life – again.

For you. For me, too (again.) Click the image below. Let it play. And then let it play further. At least until Trail Dog ends.

shandi kano


It’s time to find what our souls really need.
Happiness is so much simpler than we might think.


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