The advent of adventure


Words make me happy.

Not bunches of words when few will do, but with an appreciation for what a well-placed articulated thought can do, I find joy.

Pro Tip: a well-considered word can change the world. Take vote for instance or love or compassion or war or friends or discover or humility instead of hubris or a personal favorite, moon-shot.

Do not hand me a dictionary or atlas or encyclopedia if you want my attention soon after. I subscribe to two Word-of-the-Day emails; it’s part of my everyday…which leads to today’s WOD from the Visual Thesaurus, adventure.

With one paragraph, a bit of hope returned this morning to take root in the dry soils within:

“There is so little semantic association nowadays between advent and adventure that we lose sight of their connection.  They were, however, once as closely associated as, say, depart and departure or mix and mixture. Back in the day, adventure meant whatever happens to us — in essence, whatever came (advent being from Latin for “arrival”). From this developed, by baby steps, the current sense of a wild or exciting undertaking.” –Visual Thesaurus,

As a fan of adventures of all sorts and shapes, it is peaceful-making to learn adventure’s etymology as a derivative of “advent,” of arrivals and beginnings.

Adventure encompasses all that happens to us.

Perhaps we – in a burgeoning and hopeful wisdom – will learn to experience what happens to us as it happens. To stand or run to the swell of the ocean or the closing of a door if it means adventure lies ahead.

We spend so much of our being longing to change the past or brace for the future…at least this “we.” With so much unknown and too many “if onlies,” it is a gift of everyday advent to embrace the day. To be bold or humbled. To see today as it is. To gaze upon broken and flourishing hearts in the very now.

This moment – every moment – an adventure.
An advent.

Everyday advent.

Onward friends, into this good day’s adventure.

3 thoughts on “The advent of adventure

  1. Allie, You have a creative, artistic eye for the photo’s you post! And the thoughts you post! Everything new and different and perhaps in reviewing the mundane, the daily of life we can find the advent of adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

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