Begin again.

Each day is a do-over. We get second chances every moment we are above ground. Some starts are exciting like a new friend or challenge faced. Other “begin agains” take the breath from us and we stagger forward on unsteady feet. This week, I began working for the K-State Foundation as a marketing manager. It … More Begin again.


Today is the day. Soon, my route to the office will take a few more twists and turns to the far end of Purpleville. I am excited. And at peace. Wrapping up the work here has been fairly anticlimactic; we’ve done a great job of organizing, hiring, trusting, exhibiting, documenting, training, and learning alongside one another. It … More Checklists

Own it to hone it

I am a fortunate fool. Mentors and students pop in to my office throughout the week. Their stories and laughter make the everyday ordinary come to life. The other day, a student stood nearby blinking and having deflected a sincere and hard-earned compliment by saying (again), “you haven’t met my sister!” Ummm. Nope. I was … More Own it to hone it