Voyage of Discovery

Ohhh 2016. Bye Felicia. 2016 has not been a yippy skippy year for so many of us. Even if we ignore the plethora of untimely superstar deaths, it has been a tough year. Syria. Raft-borne refugees. Violence of every kind in every land. And though I’m not a big celebrity fan…David Bowie? Gene Wilder? John for-Pete’s-sake … More Voyage of Discovery

Love like water

After a few under-the-weather and no-run/no-yoga days, I felt a little stir-crazy so I bundled up this morning for a short walk. Lately, I’ve been practicing listening to what is around me rather than all of the whizzing and zig-zagging thoughts which sometimes fill my head. Predawn Manhappiness was cold and quiet. “Love like water.”  I … More Love like water

Call the Smithsonian

Call the Smithsonian; I’ve made a discovery…* The universe is unfazed. Never do stars fail to shine when my gooiest tears spill or gamma rays cease to decay because of my snortling laughter. The universe just keeps doing its thing of expanding, tossing out stars, belching planets, and giving rise to black holes. As small and insignificant as … More Call the Smithsonian

What if we fail?

Macbeth: If we should fail? Lady Macbeth: We fail? But screw your courage to the sticking place, And we’ll not fail. What do you do with uncertainty? Recently, I resurrected a long-dead dream…Grad School. Following my undergraduate degree, I’d been offered a chance to pursue a Master’s degree in a lovely place along the eastern … More What if we fail?