No Shortcuts

I walked to work today. It was crisp and clear. Just what I needed. As in every walk-to-work-day, my mind constantly scanned for the best way forward or “how to ensure I get to work on time.” When driving, the route is straightforward: over the cobbles of Juliette to the canopied Bertrand, then North Manhattan, … More No Shortcuts

Who are we now?

As Americans, we are focused on identity: personal, school, neighborhood, corporate, national, and beyond. We raise the banners of football teams, geographical regions, religion, race, and so much more. We look for identity as if it were magic or currency. We look for identity as if it were static. A given. But as long as we are … More Who are we now?

What we know now

When I was tiny, I believed a tinier band – music band – lived in the dashboard of our car. I was  amazed the tiny band who lived in our radio at home knew the same songs as the ones which played as we motored over the autobahn. I also believed fairies lived in the trees and … More What we know now