A little sweetness

I’ve grown this season – whether I’ve wanted to or not. People have been kind, patient, and straight-forward (thank you.) Fortunately, with so much to learn, my empty bucket caught a lot of good hard “life stuff.” I even resisted sitting with a gallon of extreme Moosetracks, a bottle of wine, and the entire Gilmore Girls … More A little sweetness

Longing for Belonging

We long to belong. Recently, I invested in a purple button down shirt complete with K-State Powercat embroidered on the chest. A first. It signaled a willingness to “join in” with the folks of Purpleville. It was a ridiculously tough decision inspired by this season and the long-last realization that I am normal…I want to belong, too. … More Longing for Belonging

Powerfully worded

Last week, I began carting about small bits of paper in my phone case; each a note of encouragement or instruction to myself: “people are always strongest where the breaks are,” “love them with no regrets nor limitations,” and “stay in your own lane.” A few months ago, I may have passed this off as cheap … More Powerfully worded