Standing in the Doorway

wp-1474389874874.jpgThis could be the doorway to our greatest adventure.

This broken-down, paint-peeling, hidden-in-the-alleyway, and gathering-weeds moment could be the doorway to our best lives.

With the late summer sun beating on our necks
and no answers
or checks in the mail

This day
these disappointed hours
could be the doorway to our most open-hearted living.

This battered doorway
in a forgotten alley
Could be where we find grace, hope, courage, and peace.

Three weeks ago, I realized I was past the end of my resources – both inner resources and those which pay the rent. Frugality is one thing, sustainability is the other.

I remembered two things, the first being, “The psychological immune system works best when we are totally stuck,” said Dan Gilbert, social psychologist at Harvard who wrote Stumbling on Happiness.

I think he’s on to something.

So often when stuck at work, in a race, with a recipe, in a tough relational space, within our families, communities, and ourselves…we get desperate and search to find any way to get unstuck.

We get creative.

We grow.

We flail, too, and cry, or go for a run to burn off the fear and frustration.

We look for opportunity and options.

And Friends, we don’t need to have all of the answers. In this no-Plan-B and Fuzzy-Plan-A time where I am working diligently to plant my feet firmly on new ground, I must remind myself to keep moving and to learn to trust: myself and what I cannot see. Trust the good-heartedness of people. Trust the counsel I have sought.

Forgo the paralyzing fear of “needing to know everything now.”

Live with the flip side of open-heartedness…which is a heart open to wind, rain, and rejection.

We can do this. It may be messy (most likely it will.)
We may never be who we’d hope to be.
The key is to live and live in good company of the building-people
and to join them in the building up of others.
We are better in good company.
Let’s be brave and get creative.
Let’s unstick our imperfect selves in our imperfect living.

This could be the doorway to our greatest adventure.

Derring do and all that.

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