Meraki & Kairos

Words. I love their subtlety and shades. Great power rests in each word to build and destroy; beseech and release; and heal the broken-hearted…set captives free. Words are – in many ways – magic. This morning while cleaning out a desk to return to a friend, I found a business-sized card with the Greek word, “meraki,” and its … More Meraki & Kairos

Goal Tending

Almost 1.5 months ago I wrote down short-term, 1-year, and 2-year goals. Every shift of life requires at least a cursory look at where we are headed. This was mine. I posted the list online and propped it around my apartment. A few weeks ago, I identified my three most cherished goals – the life-long … More Goal Tending

A helluva month

A month ago, I asked my friend, “What do you need?” and he answered me. And the month since has been a learning laboratory of open-heartedness, tears, courage, strength borrowed, bruising  reality, hopefulness, and more. In a word, it has been “life” and a helluva month. It has also been full of ad hoc adventures … More A helluva month