We ran

This morning, Katie and I ran. We began by letting Chuck-the-pup outside once I got to her door. We then walked down the street, up Poyntz Avenue Hill, and across the intersection to the block where both the High School and cemetery make space. At the stop sign, we ran.  Down Sunset Avenue – one … More We ran

A fresh start

K-State begins its Fall 2016 semester today. Folks scurry about with their heads in their phones as if Pokémon Go has made a Kansas comeback. This time, it’s likely maps and Google walking directions over chasing a cartoon parade. With an open door, I’ve met many students today – people looking to find their way and start … More A fresh start

Yes to the Mess

Yes. Yes to “want to meet us at the park?” Yes to “want to join us for supper?” Yes to “I’ve got a fire and a beer. Come on over.” I’ve been saying yes lately to heaps of good things – easily identifiable ‘good things.’ Yesterday, I said yes to a few messy things: tears … More Yes to the Mess

Young at heart

Failure and freedom: I wrote of this Monday – cheekily mentioning about not staying in heartbreak hotel. How prescient. Tuesday evening, I cried with the fella as we watched our hearts break in a good hard decision towards focusing on shoring up a family and a future. The grief – the weight of the loss – is real. … More Young at heart

Fine Art of Failure

These are trying times to be human. Each era tests our spirit. We want and work to live well-securely, love deeply, and serve with unflagging commitment. We rise and – if we have been fortunate to cultivate hope – we attempt growth and press on. Sometimes our attempts are near misses and sometimes they fail. Futures we imagine and work towards … More Fine Art of Failure