My own Bedford Falls

Saturday, I walked in the early morning with heat rising towards 105 degrees. It was too humid for me to run. Walking means I take my phone and its nifty camera to capture moments of a given day and place. I’m motivated knowing we’ll never be able to meet every interesting person in every interesting … More My own Bedford Falls

100-Mile Stare

A 100-Mile Stare involves looking forward as if seeing an object 100-miles away without engaging what is right before us. Recently, a friend and I spoke of his side job as VIP security for a country music festival. He mentioned how he responds to the chaos and distractions of his job – protecting the musicians from eager … More 100-Mile Stare

Moments of Quiet

The smoke and crash-booms have blown past these green Flint Hills. Bunnies have returned to the lot behind the Hobbit House. The birds have returned to their nests.  What was an unexpected, boisterous, rich-in-people-and-goofiness celebration weekend has returned to a quiet life. Saturday afternoon, both kids stood at my door and I cried. Such sweet surprises make … More Moments of Quiet