“So much good thing”

wp-1464025694774.jpgThe wedding was this weekend. Family and pals gathered in the backyard of long-loved friends to celebrate.

It was simple. Elegant. There were s’mores.

Months of planning, minutes of switching gears, moments of panic and joy filled these short days.

So many kindnesses.

The dog with the very noble maw patiently waited for us to finally understand her invitation to “play ball” and then curled up with us as we slept, worked out details, and flopped home after the post-festivities clean up.

So many people stopped what they were doing for themselves and baked, helped to string lights, sew table cloths, serve, photograph, and show up for the kids’ “American Wedding.”

Family. Friends. A cool breeze night. A big dog. Too much gratitude to contain or capture in one or a million thank yous.

How did we become so fortunate?

It wasn’t just the people, place, food, time, or resourcefulness. It could be how many guests toasted Madi and Kenan with full glasses of wine as they marched up the “aisle” or how we worked together really well.

It was each person, every kindness, and all of the details woven into one weekend.

Bonus: the chance to drive Kenan back to the airport…that time with him. Meeting Zach’s sister, Katie, and her fella for the first time and seeing his folks and Oklahoma family. Listening to stories that make us think. Trish & Gil, the aMayeses, M3, Mimi & Moe, friends of Madi & Zach, next-day Konza hikes for some, holding the hand of the principal, the great kindness of the folks at the Chef, and so much more.

So much good thing.

Surely this is what makes us rich…so much good thing in a family, among friends, and a community in the Northeast Kansas we still call “home.”

It did not take much derring do to show up, just a new dress and sparkley high heels. The loving and laughing community did the rest.

Thank you so much.

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