Digging to deeper Whys

The best of life requires effort. Rarely do we stumble over greatness in our lope across the prairie. Chocolate, friendship, communities, and humans take time, pressure, and sweat to transform base elements to art and life. We know this. Why does it still catch us by surprise? Recently, I worked on something which summoned my greatest self-doubt. I … More Digging to deeper Whys

“So much good thing”

The wedding was this weekend. Family and pals gathered in the backyard of long-loved friends to celebrate. It was simple. Elegant. There were s’mores. Months of planning, minutes of switching gears, moments of panic and joy filled these short days. So many kindnesses. The dog with the very noble maw patiently waited for us to finally understand … More “So much good thing”

The Jumanji Effect

I haven’t had coffee since Sunday.  I have had Barnum and Bailey animal crackers, burpy diet coke, gallons of ginger tea, and a renewed appreciation for the cooling properties of tile floors. Since my allergy medicine was not given chance to kick in for a few days, a whomping bout of allergic rhinitis has joined the … More The Jumanji Effect