Good news

20150918_080939“If we want good news, we’re just going to have to make it ourselves.”

I said this in frustration to a patient friend today. My “biscuits were burning” about the weight of the world and I had been vacuuming with a vengeance. She called to confirm our Monday night meal plans and I was very growly.

I had to call and apologize.

Why is it that the same species that created The Fairly Odd Parents and the elegance of Quantum Theory has specialized in violence and short-sightedness?

We prefer to feel offended over empowered, self-righteous indignation over compassion, and infantile hopelessness over risking our egos and comfort to seek and possibly find solutions.

We regale a pompous arse as the next great Messiah of our American way of life though we’d never let the slimey jerk date our sister or mother. A fine example of how money neither guarantees character or wisdom.

We have the tools to make this world better for ourselves, our families, and people we will never meet.

We have the tools.

And we know that we have the power to be kind, help out, think outside of our own best interests, and forgive. To try and risk failing loving or just being civil when it is likely the love or civility will not be returned.

What are we waiting for?

It was so easy to let frustration drag me around the apartment and to allow “I don’t wanna” to keep me from getting a few needful or kind things accomplished today.

But I feel rotten – like I wasted the day and the opportunity to … do what I can, where I am, with what I have.

It was easier to complain, but the outcome is a nasty and bitter thing.

We have the tools.

We can set the stage for good news to happen.
We can get out of the way
and forgo the applause
and let the community commence a little lighter
a day a little sweeter
a stranger less burdened.

We don’t have to list all the ways and opportunities we have to add good news to the wealth of bad.

Wouldn’t it be great if good news began to sell better than the bad?

We’d be all over ourselves to get in with the fad of pouring life
into a shadowed world
to see
bear witness to the good deeds
thoughtful words
lifting actions of others
so the lightness of being overcomes the weary dread of what is now news.

What does this mean today?

Derring do…yeah yeah yeah.

And getting off the pity pot
away from the plugged in cyberworld

And into the risky business of living
Among the other mere mortals.

I cannot excuse terror.
Or the rape that had me shaking on my yoga mat this week in its memory.

Nor can I excuse my own omission of grace
raked leaves
honest answers
groceries carried
tuna sandwhich shared.

But I can approach
these next moments of living with intent
to create our own good news
to live honestly
and renounce duplicities of all kind.

Carry on wayward sons and daughters.
We need one another
And all the good news we can muster.

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