Today, we shared a good secret

Magpie & Zach, moments after marrying in Bassona del Grappa. Kenan and I could not be happier for these two crazy kids. And inspired by them.
Magpie & Zach, moments after marrying in Bassona del Grappa. Kenan and I could not be happier for these two crazy kids. And inspired by them.

These blogs of derring-do flung out into the world have not been always easy.

Rarely celebratory.

But today, I get to tell you a most marvelous secret: Magpie and Zach were married in Bassona del Grappa a few weeks ago while their Izzy, the wonderdog, and I trotted among the Flint Hills. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In a world where sadness often keeps secrets, I’ve tried valiantly to keep their secret safe…and with less than 100% success.

I am – we are (her brother, Kenan, and I) are so happy. So grateful to belong at the same table with these peeps. And they love us, too, and we know it.

Last night, as I waited for Katie and the kids to pick me up for an impromptu Frosty run and lakeside adventure, I checked my mailbox even though it looked sadly empty. Inside were two letters – one announcement from Madi and Zach about their elopement (yep, I knew all along) and one note from Kenan at Ranger School.

I could not get through them, both. Luckily Katie and the kids drove up and I had to pull it together.

But such a bonus of post and words.

Such love and goofiness and rememberings.

Overwhelmed, I decided to call it an early night. Full of Frosty (chocolate, if you are wondering), overspilling love, and an overdue post-yoga shower, I crashed into bed. After midnight (I think), a call woke me up.

Groggily, I peeled a paperback copy of The Last of the Mohicans off of my cheek, and mumbled something to someone who completely unexpectedly holds my heart.

And if one note of love from #1 son and another from Frau und Herr wasn’t enough, I opened another as I slowed from turning off the light and shutting off the phone. Another note waiting for me in the form of an icon at the top of my phone. And I am undone. All good undone. Undone.

The most miraculous of my late days.

Perfect syzygy.

Unexpected graces
and heart spaces.

So, please celebrate with me.

A toast of new life to Madi and Zach! Hurray!
Cheers and best thoughts of encouragement to Kenan. Huzzah!
Tears of wonder about the fortunate woman I am to have received not one, not two, but three notes of great love in one short day. Holy snacks!

All I have to do is have the derring-do to trust the process and stay the course.

Is this what it means when they say “a path appears?”

I don’t know. But join me. We have adventuring to do in good company.

And a wee bit of shenaniganizing.

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