Walking my race

  In the history of epic sportstering feats, our finish during Sunday’s Konquer the Konza race will never end up in the headlines. Except it was my second favorite “race” ever. As you can see from the finish-line glamour shot to the left, the pot of gold at the end of that race rainbow included … More Walking my race

What remains

Autumn has begun its final approach to the Flint Hills. Cooler weather signals relief from the scorching summer sun and wilting humidity. A change is in the wind. It also means soon the grass will be veiled in its wintry brown and flowers will have faded with the splash park days. Football-weather breezes and pumpkin lattes arrive as … More What remains

Word soup

For the last few days, my mind has been in a deep dive of thought and good company. A richness of conversation. Any effort to write, however, ends in hours wasted and frustration. Start again. And again. Start again and again and again. A blustery ocean of words well against the dam with no channel for connection. … More Word soup

Don’t look at the photo of his lifeless body on the beach unless you’re prepared to do something about it 

Originally posted on lahikmajoe:
? Münchners getting in the spirit of welcoming refugees ? There’s a photo from Reuters that’s all over the web today. Has been for a few days already, and it’s disturbing. It’s not at all nice. It’s the opposite of nice, even. It’s a shot of a little boy who’s drowned…