Life in the whirlwind

On the road in the Dominican Republic, 2012
On the road in the Dominican Republic, 2012

My friend, Rainey, her two sparky man-tots, and one gentle giant Nana-dog just left the tiny house after a few days in Manhappiness. It was so much fun: noisy, squishy, toddlery, instructive, napping-full (all of us) – a sun-kissed adventure.

It was also like a tornado parked inside the reading loft for a few days.
Oh my heart.

Now they are on the road and the tiny house heaves a sigh. Overwhelm. And already missing them.

I am thinking of how life accelerates towards the speed of light once we step into adult-ish responsibility. College, service, and/or work picks up the pace and often packs days full of new humans needing fed or diapers changed, pups needing walked, work needing completion.

Life accelerates.
Our attention shifts.
We are no longer the center of the universe.

Too often, however, we believe that wrestling the whirlwind is the norm.
We allow ourselves to struggle along in the swirling eddies of days
and stuff –
a trajectory of living that often misses one key ingredient of
a LIFE lived intently
amid the hustling.

This weekend of wonder
and antibiotics
reminded me again
of how beautiful the chaos can be.
Exhausting to one who had forgotten how to juggle babies, adventure, and responsibility.
Exhausting, but beautiful.

Success looks different with kids on the hip:
whilst cooking, cleaning up, driving, planning, working, instructing, and attempts at a moment of quiet.

My friend Rainey continues to discover an imperfect balance
in nurturing
exploring with
and raising these guys with her husband, Michael.

In their whirlwind of parenting young man-tots
there is room for change-of-plans
watermelon soaked fronts
Legos underfoot
Peace and their individual persons cultivated.

They choose family and Life
over a capricious burden of expectations.

In the rising morning and
new quiet of an empty reading loft
I finish my coffee in thoughts of
and challenge;
Gratitude for a yoga-mom, her
two sparky man-tots
a giant Nana-dog
and devoted brave soldier husband who is counting the miles until they are home.

I realize that my favorite aMayseing people – my widespread framily – all live this way with varying degrees of
finding-their-unique-way. M3 on her bike, Monday night dinner pals on the patio, Queens in laughter, Adventurers in pursuit of a higher call.

It is a short life.
Lets find our peace in the whirlwind.
Be brave.
Stay connected to the people who nurture life and wonder.
Society will always celebrate the shallow expectations and figures of the few
while the rest of us do our best to add Life to our living.

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