Not yet, but I have the tools to find out.

It is finished. After wigging out, dragging my feet and hoping for other variables to magically make this decision easier, I have just submitted my insurance elections for the next year. Something I’ve been avoiding thinking about for days…weeks, at least. Fretting about it? Worrying? Freaking out about getting it wrong? Check. Check. Check. Finally, I … More Not yet, but I have the tools to find out.

Dear weary ones

It’s been a hell of a week.  That seems to be a too constant refrain.  We are world-weary before we even leave Elementary School these days. We look for trustworthy places to rest and people to love and play with on the playground. We look for best friends. And as much as we are the … More Dear weary ones

Happily ever after

I’ve always been a fan of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales and Hans Christian Andersen’s stories. They were like Jiminiy Cricket encouraging me to let my conscience be my guide, to avoid traveling alone, and to be wise when cute boys showed up. Some lessons I learned better than others. No matter how hard I … More Happily ever after

when i am unsettled

when i am unsettled everything is in lower caps. the locusts’ song that normally brings joy grates on my last ping-y nerve shame follows me around guilt you shoulda done this you shoulda been more grateful you’re a dork. and I must ask myself What is real? What is true? today the unsettling came. weather … More when i am unsettled