Lately, I’ve had that feeling…the sense something is coming – a change. Not a Kafka-esque shriveling into an Ungeziefer; more of an unwinding and turning toward something. This sense of an arriving horizon is vague and familiar; it has been spot on each time it’s moseyed up. This time, I will walk it out, pay attention, and … More Metamorphosis

Ridiculous wealth

The tiny house is quiet. It is Sunday morning and the pup-taunting bubbles have been put away, number one son is stretched out in the next room, number one daughter and her husband are nestled in my room. Even the big dog’s green ball rests beside my feet while she sleeps. I am filled to … More Ridiculous wealth

Goat story

It’s raining here. Gobs of rain. Rain has cancelled my leaping from an airplane, this morning’s run, a trip to the farmers’ market, an adventure in Kansas City, and any desire I had to get out of my toasty lined yoga tights…to go to yoga. On top of the wet-blanket effect of the rain, I and … More Goat story

Going nuts at 50 years

Today, I learned it takes 50 years for an oak tree to produce its first acorns. 50 years. I still have time to go a little nuts then. In a culture preoccupied by what’s hip and new…I am approaching the age where “new” and “hip” take on medically-informed rather than fashionably-derived meanings. And I’m okay with that. … More Going nuts at 50 years

Happy Camper

A few years ago, friends presented me with a maroon “Happy Camper” t-shirt which I wore to run, in races, and out exploring. I loved it. It was my reminder to live as a happy camper might with joy, curiosity, expectation, and play. At the time, my days had little room for play. So much got squished into … More Happy Camper